Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Elder Beck has arrived! February 5, 2013

Here is what he said: "So I just arrived at my actual area! This is for real! I am serving in Cameron, Arizona, towards the edge of the Navajo reservation. Our whole area is on the reservation. Cameron is SUPER small. There is a highway that runs through it, but other than that, there are no paved roads. There is a trading post here and the church, which is very small. There is only one branch that meets here, and the area was only opened six months ago. It started with twenty-five people and in the past month sacrament meeting attendance has increased to over fifty people! Awesome! We live in a trailer-house-like-thing right next to the church building. It's perfect for our needs! I am just so stoked! This place is awesome! I'm excited to get working with the people. If you are looking on a map for where this is, it's right below Tuba City, which is a bit bigger. I love, love, LOVE the landscape here! The red rocks and everything are so beautiful! They are like nothing I have ever seen before!

My companion is Elder Terran Tolman from Jerome, Idaho! He is the absolute coolest guy. We are seriously like twins in every way. It blows my mind. Companionships are inspired. He has only been out three months. He graduated in 2012 and was the valedictorian at Jerome. Just like me, he hates mayonnaise, loves Harry Potter, and so much more! I am thoroughly stoked to be working with him!

I met President and Sister Batt yesterday, and they are the best! Sister Batt made us all of this really great food and is just the sweetest lady! And President Batt is really nice too. I'm excited to be one of his missionaries. Yesterday we flew to Durango, Colorado and then drove to Farmington, New Mexico. It took about an hour. Then we did stuff at the mission home for a long time, and we stayed the night at members' homes in Farmington. Bishop Carter housed me. He was really nice. Then this morning we got our assignments and headed out. It took about four hours to get from Farmington to Cameron. Well, I will tell you more later, but I am just SO excited and SO blessed and just.....Ah. This is awesome.

Hey so also, President Batt said that you could send me my violin! So if you could send it ASAP I would love it!!! Muchos Gracias!"


  1. Elder Brae Beck
    PO Box 264
    Cameron, AZ 86020

    Please send mail!!!!!

  2. you are right can't quit smiling!!!